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“Gazpacho “ Time

Summer has arrived and cortijosreyfini like most of the small farms in the Alpujarra is now beautifully adorned with juicy red tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers and countless other vegetables.  This is the time to become creative and use these wonderful fresh vegetables on a daily basis.  The history of gazpacho and Gazpacho recipe is disputed, some say it came to Spain

Freshly picked organic vegetables

with the Romans, others with the Moors, some that it originated in Cordoba, others in Seville, but it is eaten and celebrated throughout Andalusia during the Summer months. The Gazpaco recipe is really easy and you may keep it in the fridge for the whole period you are in Cortijos rey fini .

Gazpacho, always eaten cold can be kept in the fridge for several days and used as a starter or simply as a snack at midday.  There are many variations to gazpacho recipe and  how to make it but this is Lucy’s recipe that we use in cortijos reyfini every summer – Enjoy!

Gazpacho recipe


Chop up about 6-10 ripe tomatoes (really depends on their size, but tomato should be the main ingredient) and combine with the following:

1 cucumber peeled and chopped

3-4 cloves of garlic chopped

2-3 green peppers (depending on size and what is available) chopped

About 8 oz of breadcrumbs – wholemeal if possible

3-4 tablespoons wine vinegar

3-4 tablespoons of olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Approx ½ litre of water


This mixture needs to be liquidised in batches – it’s best to add the water bit by bit to help this process.   How liquid you want the end result is up to you.   Check for seasoning at end.  Keep chilled in fridge.  It’s also nice when you serve it to add an ice cube or too!


Fresh vegetables grown on Cortijosreyfini during the summer

Delicious “Gazpacho” a nice cold drink for the summer

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Summer in Alpujarras and Cortijos Rey Fini , Andalucia, Spain

The region of mountain villages known as Las Alpujarras clings to the southern flanks of theSierra Nevada, cloven by deep, sheltered valleys and gorges which run down towards the Mediterranean. The Alpujarra, as it is popularly known, in the singular, is famous throughout Spain because of its unique mini-ecology. Its terraced farmlands are constantly watered by the melting snow from above, constituting a high-altitude oasis of greenery which stands in dramatic contrast to the arid foothills below. This is ideal hiking terrain for adventurous travellers, provided you do not search for night clubs and night life.

this generally known s “secret pain”, it is lush and green around the villages of Trevelez, Busqquistar and Pitre and a bit less around the villages of “Bubbion”, “Capileira” and “Campeneira” and very hot around Orgiva.

The cultural interest of the region lies in its fifty-odd villages, which were the last stronghold of the Spanish Muslims, or Moors. Soon after the Castillians took Granada in 1492, all the city´s Moors were forced to convert to Christianity. Those who refused took to the hills, settling in this remote, inaccessible area. Constant pressure from the Christians led to a bloody uprising, the Morisco Rebellion of 1568, which was ruthlessly crushed out, with the public execution of the leader, Ben Humeya, in the main square of Granada. Soon followed a royal decree expelling from the Kingdom of Granada all people of Arab descent, since the “new Christians”, as the converts were called, were all suspected of being ¨crypto-Muslims¨ in secret..

Today Alpujarras with its micro climate is home to some 12000 people spreading in the beautiful valleys heading towards beautiful beaches of Mediterranean coast .

The moorish cottages known as “cortijos” are all painted white  and  the north African style of flat chimneys  has become the symbol of the recognition of Alpujarras.

the village of Trevelz- famous throughout Spain for its superb mountain hams, or jamón serrano – is, at over 4,840 feet above sea level, the highest village in Europe, overhanging a fast-flowing river and plunging mountain valley.

This is still the “secret Spain”, and after centuries in hiding is now becoming the paradise for the hikers.

The book “driving over lemon” a best seller has made the place more exposed and more and more artists and musicians have started settling in the area.

beautiful cortijos are ideally located in the heart of Alpujarras ideal for hikers.

Chimneass from |Cortijos Rey Fini
Chmineas from “Walnut” cottage in Cortijos Rey Fini, Alpujarras, Sierra Nevada, spain

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Welcome to Cortijosreyfini blog

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More posts will be published soon!

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