Hiking to Siete Lagunas from Cortijos Rey Fini via Trevelez in Alpujarras,Granada Andalucia

Leo, Frank. Patricia, Emilio, Luna and Zui above Trevelez

Leo, Frank. Patricia, Emilio, Luna and Zui above Trevelez

It is 6 am on a July day. My alarm clock on my blackberry start playing salsa tune which is far too early for it. I tried to put it to sleep but keeps coming back and each time hitting my soul deeper and deeper into a rhythm which I am not used to at that time of the morning.

Above Trevelez

I gave up and after a quick wash and a few stretching exercises called my son Leo who is even in a good day 10 am would be early for him. We have always guests staying in our Cortijos Rey Fini  and the Walnut cortijo was rented by some lovely French family consisting of family of 5. The youngest one is Emio 11 year old and sadly I am the oldest one at 61. My son Leo is 18, two daughters of theirs 15 and 17 and the parents Frank and Patricia mid forties (!)

On the hike to Siete Lagunas

BY 7 am we get everybody together and have a short drive from Cortijos Rey Fini to Trevelez which took about 10 minutes. Trevelez claims to be the highest village in Spain and consists of three sections lower, middle and higher Trevelez. We leave the car in the square in the  higher part of Trevelez and follow the sign to “Siete Lagunas”.

Leo enjoying the view

It was still cold and fresh. We only had short sleeve T-shirts and hardly anything else except sandwiches , cameras and each perso with small bottles of water The early morning breeze kisses your skin gently and the smell of wild mint fills the atmosphere with delight and joy . You feel alive and fresh. We start walking and as the gentle path starts ascending we pass several mini falls and a group of cows who are anxiously calling their separated calves from them .

Cold bottom!

One of the them start walking behind us as we it seemed we were going towards its baby. We start walking faster till eventually she decided we were not the Sheppard and stops…what a relief ! There is no need for much water as the springs are every few hundred yards but our accompanying guests brought with them small bottles of water which they keep filling them during the journey. Leo and I instead bent down and put our lips to the running water  and just like two goats drunk from the  springs which poured from the hills around us at regular intervals. The water is coming from melting snow up above us and is a cold and fresh.

A short sleep recharged our batteries before we sat off backto Cortijos Rey Fini

A short sleep recharged our batteries before we sat off backto Cortijos Rey Fini

After about an hour walk the narrow stoned path gave away to the open hills giving an the early morning sun giving us some magnificent views  across the horizon and beyond. The white snow turning into golden peaks. We took many family photos and then continued upwards, this time the young 11 year old Emilio leading the way  to Siete Lagunas. We walked another 3 hours passing through the small pine forest till we reached snow just beneath the peaks of Siete Lagunas. The heat of the summer had created some long tunnels which enormous amount of water running into the tunnel and then disappearing down the valleys and eventually into Trevelez river down below.

Beautiful glaciers below Site lagunas

From here to the Siete Lagunas was hard work. The sun just started getting warmer and our energy was diminishing by second. We eventually got to the site lagunas at 12 am, some 5 hours walking from Trevelez. It was a sense of relief and the same time freedom. Being right on the top of the world with magnificent views and fresh water. It was time to celebrate and reward ourselves with sandwiches, crisps and nuts . Soon we were all sleep behind a giant stone sheltering from the cold wind. From here you can keep walking to the Peaks of Mulhacen some hour or so away but we decided to return to Trevelez which took only two hours.

We finally got to Trevlez and treated ourselves to some drinks and tapas! we deserved it!

We finally got to Trevlez and treated ourselves to some drinks and tapas! we deserved it!

By 3 pm we were rewarding ourselves with tapas and cold beer and drinks in the plaza at lower Trevelez.

About Mo Fini

Mo Fini is the owner of Cortijos Rey Fini in Andalucia, Spain. He loves to create beautiful places from nothing. A silimar project has been done in Chile called refugiofinichico.com Personal website www.mofini.com
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